Vision is an essential sense that provides information about the world we live in and allows us to negotiate our environment safely. Vision is just as important to our pets and should be preserved whenever possible.

The development of sophisticated optical and electronic instruments allow opthalmologists to perform a detailed examination of the eye, beyond what is possible in general practice. Improvements in microsurgery and medical treatment options mean ophthalmologists are able to correct a number of conditions that can interfere with vision and/or may be painful to the pet.

If a pet is having problems with its vision and a condition is diagnosed that isn’t easily treated in general practise, it is best for an experienced ophthalmologist to examine the animal. Early involvement of an ophthalmologist allows detection of potential vision threatening, or painful conditions while intervention is still possible.

The referral service includes a full range of diagnostic tools including slitlamp biomicrosopy, indirect as well as direct ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, gonioscopy, streak retinoscopy and facilities for microsurgery.

For owners: I can only see cases by referral, which can be arranged by speaking your own vet first. 

For Vets: If you are referring a case please fax the most recent case notes prior to the appointment. Feel free to contact me by phone for advice.